CNC Flame (Oxyfuel) and plasma cutting

2 CNC-controlled machines with 2 or 4 cutting heads installed at our company, we are able to undertake flame cutting up to 200x2000x6000mm, in addition plasma cutting up to 40x2000x6000mm with the Hypertherm 260xD plasma equipment.

Production of heavy machine components

We take over the cutting and sawing of pipes with different wall thicknesses. The design and manufacture of bushings, bearing housing, hubs and discs.

Profile rolling

With our Faccin RCMI-170 rolling machine, we can roll different structural steel profiles according to the material quality.

Sandblasting (Grain spraying)

The part of the orders where the customer requests a sanblasting surface for the ordered products is carried out in our own cabins. The useful spreading area of the motorized Y-track 2×1 ton automatic cabin equipped with a crane is 1500x2000mm. In the manual spray container, we can clean surfaces up to 2000x6000x1500mm.

Pipe flange production and trade

Our company has been engaged in the production and trade of standard and unique pipe flanges for more than 20 years. Our product range includes flanges according to the EN1092-1 standard, the older Hungarian MSZ, the German DIN, as well as flanges manufactured according to the standards of other nations (ANSI, JIS, etc.). In addition, we also undertake the production of flanges, rings and , tubesheet with unique parameters on short notice. Please verify OUR PRODUCTS.